This girl just wants to write.

When I was eight, there was only one thing that I really wanted to do. I wanted to write.

I wanted to write about circuses and Cinderella and my Jem doll (as in Jem and the holograms) and mean teachers.

I wanted to write because it was the only thing I really enjoyed. It was the only thing that someone ever told me I was good at and didn’t tease me for it.

Now, twenty years later, I’m still writing, not about circuses or Cinderella or the Jem doll that my my gave away to the Salvation army when I was 12.

Now, I write about motherhood, its complexities, beauties, and sweet parts.

I write about my life changes since becoming a mom.

I write about my kids.

I do this, my writing, when I can, usually between short nap times or when I’m half awake at 11 pm at night and sometimes on the toilet because it’s my space. It’s where I continue to find myself and other beautiful things that sometimes escape me in the moments that define my life.

I do this, my writing, usually on my blog, Mommyhood NEXT RIGHT, but, sometimes, in my many mommy journals and random pieces of paper that sometimes congregate near my bedside.

But, it’s not enough.

I want to write even more.

I want to stretch myself even more.

I want to make more mistakes and not care about the mistakes or mess I’ve made.

I want to write about things that don’t always make sense.

I want to write about things that I may regret the next day.

I want to write about fears, about random moments that don’t make much of any sense, and the things that make me happy like  the beautiful drapes in my bedroom.

I just want to write here and start new within this space and discover something else, possibly.

So, I started this blog.

I got the idea from a good blogging friend of mine and fellow mom of two under two who is doing the same, resolving to write more in this new year. Together, we will be writing every single day for just five minutes a day.

What you will find here will not always be fancy or even good. It will be unedited, raw, and, sometimes, rough. But, it will be me. The short, little bits of me that define my everyday existence.

Of course, if you are looking for something a bit more fancy, please do check out my better half, Mommyhood NEXT RIGHT. There, I write about all things motherhood and parenting and do think twice before hitting the publish button and can spell. Really.

So, welcome. Welcome to my other place. My writing place. Please make yourself at home and enjoy this journey with me!

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