I’m wearing shoulder pads…

When I started this blog, I did so with the sole purpose of being able to write daily about the random bits in my life. I thought this goal would be easy, but it’s not actually.

Sometimes, it’s hard to spend five minutes writing on things that are truly, truly inconsequential to anyone’s, include your own, life .

But, this post is true to my goal of being random. It’s about shoulder pads.

More specifically it’s about the shoulder pads in the sweater than I’m wearing today (shown in picture).

Now, before you make fun of me for my “lack” of fashion sense, let me first explain something. This sweater was a “steal” from the Thrift Store. I got it for a dollar. Yes, a dollar! And, aside from the humongous shoulder pads, it’s a very nice sweater.

I usually cut shoulder pads out of my sweaters but today, feeling bold and tired of playing it “safe” with my, usually, poor fashion decisions and ending up looking like crap anyway, I kept them in.

Yes, it’s 2012 and I’m wearing shoulder pads. And, I’m not ashamed.

I do look like a line backer but that’s okay.

Unlike the rest of the “sensible” fashion population, my shoulders have cushions. Soft and comfy cushions that make my waist line look small (and my head even smaller).

But, that’s okay.

I’m wearing shoulder pads today!

Anyone else making any “bold” fashion decisions recently? I haven’t left the house yet, so before I do please tell, do the shoulder pads look that pad. Seriously. I want to know before I embarrass myself.

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2 Responses to I’m wearing shoulder pads…

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  2. I have not been so fashion forward lately. So I cant help ya there. I think if its comfy…what more could you ask for?

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