Why the mommy wars exist

The best part of being a mommy, the sweetest parts, happen when I’m happy.

When I’m happy with myself, my place in my family and in my society, that’s when I can fully experience the sweet, beautiful parts.

When I’m not happy, well, then, seeing the beautiful parts in my own journey becomes hard, I realize, so I began looking for the beautiful parts in others’ journeys.

Why do the mommy wars exist?

They exist, I’m convinced, because there are a lot of moms out there who are not happy. They’re not happy with their own lives, with their own choices.

I say this not as a judgmental mom who think she knows the truth of every mom out there, but as a mom who has judged another mom because I felt unhappy, insecure within my own journey.

My journey, the one I walk, and define as my normal is not perfect. I don’t always get recipes right. I don’t always talk in the sweetest of tones when disciplining my toddler. I have spanked my child.

But, my journey, is my own. Imperfectly.

I’m a stay at home because I chose to be, not because my husband thought it would be good for me or our family or because I wanted to be “that” mom that I admire in my neighborhood.

My choices are what define my journey. And, should I ever be unhappy with my choices, I’ve learned that I must look within rather than outward. I must be critical of myself not other moms who chose differently than me.


Why do you think the mommy wars exist?

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