I don’t feel like writing today

When I started this five minute, write something every day blog, I thought it would be easy to write something every day. I thought that having a blog and making this official would make things easier, but it’s not.

I do have five minutes to write everyday. But, I realize that I don’t always want to give five minutes to write somewhere and have the expectation of someone else reading it, everyday.

Some days, I don’t want to write. Well, I do want to write but I don’t want to make it public. All the time.

Some days, I just want to think about writing and make excuses for why I can’t write. But, I can’t that here. I have to write, every five minutes, every day because it’s a commitment that I made to myself.

So, here I am. Writing. For five minutes. Today on MLK day when I’d rather be out for breakfast near the water.

But, that’s okay. I’m enjoying this five minutes while they last.


What excuses do you convince yourself are reasons for why you don’t write?

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6 Responses to I don’t feel like writing today

  1. Neeks says:

    There are a million excuses, mine sadly, is often I just don’t feel like it today. I try to keep a few pieces done ahead of time, so that I can still make a post if I don’t feel like writing that day or am short on time.

    • Jessica says:

      Yeah, I’m the same way. And, therein lies the challenge of starting a blog featuring daily writings. It’s tough, but I must believe that some good will come of this.

  2. Pete Denton says:

    I get distracted by anything shiny. Mainly sport on tv or a book I’m reading getting too good to put down. It is a slog to get into it sometimes. I’ve cleared space in my study, sorted all my writing notes so I can get to them and go a sit down and write or blog something. The more I get into a routine the better I find it.

    • Jessica says:

      Yes, routines. I need a routine. I find that I do write best in the morning, so I should, perhaps, aim to stick with that, as the more I get into my day, the harder it gets to want to get out of “my day” (if that makes sense).

  3. Pete Denton says:

    That does make sense. I tend to just snap into the zone and it could be morning or 9 at night. I guess go with whenever you hit the zone.

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