My voice

When I began writing online, I thought I had it all figured out.

Online, I would use my voice, the same voice that carried me through my professional career and through graduate school.

My voice was, I thought, witty, sarcastic, but deeply personal.

It was, I thought, unchanging.

It was, I thought, endearing.

It was singular.

It was my voice.

I realize now in hearing more of the intonations in my voice online and offline that I was mostly wrong about this.

Yes, I do have a voice.

But, in having to write daily that like the waves, and in having my voice read by others, I realize that my voice is not of just one solid note.

It’s fluid, plural.

I have many voices that define my one voice.

Voice is not, I realized in doing this, something that always can be constant or unchanging.

It breathes, I believe, and lives within these pages, both metaphorical and literal.

My voice doesn’t always sound right to my ear.

My voice doesn’t always speak in a language that I can readily understand.

My voice is still becoming. Always becoming.

My voice is still in training. Always training.

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