Because it’s your birthday…

We have reason to call this day a celebration.

We have reason to sing and dance and laugh and play with the crumbs beneath our sofa’s cushions.

We have reason to be happy and to acknowledge that happiness as something emanating from our thanks that you are alive.

You can eat chocolate cupcakes and vanilla ice cream for breakfast and I’ll eat what’s leftover.

You can sleep until 8 am in the morning and wear your black tutu with striped socks and your favorite purple hat.

You can play in the mud and get your clothes dirty and overstep the dog poop on the sidewalks because you think it’s fun.

You can sit in your little sister’s bouncer seat and eat pizza while watching Little Bill on Nick Jr wearing nothing but your diaper and a sweat shirt.

You can take a nap later than 1 pm today or no nap at all.

You can play in the snow and the rain puddles in front of our house and at the park and splash.

You can do these things because it’s your birthday and because I love you.

Happy Birthday, sweet one.

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