Nick Jr. I love you!

This is a post written by a woman who has two small children, one of which watches Nick Jr for at least two hours (not consecutive) a day. (Please, don’t judge me).

I started parenthood with the grand idea that my children would never, ever, ever watch TV. Never. TV, I told others who told me about what their children were doing, is not good for children.

But, with a newborn and a toddler, I’ve come to use TV more than I ever thought I would. And, I don’t feel bad about that truth.

I like Nick Jr. and that from it and its quality educational programs, my child and I are a)learning Chinese (thanks, Nai Hao Kailan- I don’t think I spelled that right), or b)that were both developing social and emotional skills or that we’re learning all the “latest” dance moves (thank you Fresh Beat Band). Not at all.

I enjoy Nick Jr.

I know the words to most every theme song. I know that the old Marina on Nick Jr left because, according to the gossip mags that bother including the Z-list stars of Nick Jr, she got married. I think Rosie Perez is the voice of Click the Camera on Dora the Explorer and I like that Dino Dan’s mom is single and still managing to do all the things that most single moms on TV can’t seem to do.

So, yes, we’re both learning. She’s learning to count, to say her ABCs, and I’m learning to care about things and people that have absolutely, positively no real role in my real life.

So, yes, my child watches TV and I support her. She’s learning things (did I say that already) and I get a break when I needed and it’s entertaining and…. I think that’s about all the reasons that I can come up with.


I have to cut this five minutes short as one of my favorite pig shows is on- Olivia.


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