“Round, mama”

“Picture, mama.” “Picture, mama,” she says holding the camera with both her small hands. “Picture, mama.”

Today, this morning, was supposed to be the day that I get more serious with posting here at the same time each day.

“It’s just five minutes after all,” I kept telling myself. “I can do this in five minutes.”

“Picture, mama,” she says grabbing at my hands and pleading with me to pose for the camera.

I needed to write this or something for five minutes.

I needed to do this so that I could check it off my growing list of things to do this morning, but I knew I couldn’t do this thing I felt I wanted (or, needed) to do.

My plans changed. We took pictures instead and I wrote this post later.

I wrote after picture time and after we danced to 80s tunes.

“Round, mama.” “Round, mama,” her way of asking that I grab her by the arms and twirl her body around in circles in our small living room.

I acquiesce and in doing so I forget. I forget about my own plans. I forget about my to do list.

I enjoy that moment. I’m in that moment, spinning, laughing, and enjoying that moment.

How have your children changed your plans today?


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