write like no one is looking

You know that saying, “Dance like no one is looking (or watching)”? Well, the same concept applies, I think, to online writing. I decided to go public with this blog after much thought over how it would and could be different from my main blog, Mommyhood NEXT RIGHT.

And, as I am told, it is different. But, it is also the same. In both places, I am writing for myself but with an awareness that my words, these words, can be consumed by others, they can be interpreted and misinterpreted by others. And, at times, this thought can be debilitating.

It can lead to self-censure, to writer’s blocks inspired by fear that no one else will get “you.” But, it’s a fear that I am learning (and have learned) to continue on through in spite of.

So, here, I write about shoulder pads and cupcakes and motherhood stuff without the ability to allow that fear to permeate my words as much. With only five minutes to write, I have to just write and hope for the best in seeing the published post on my blog.

And, this is empowering. And, this is why I started this blog.

And, this is why I really don’t promote this blog in the same way that I do Mommyhood NEXT RIGHT.

This blog is my home online to practice making the kinds of mistakes that some times scare me out of writing.

This blog is my place to speak in only five minutes, enough time to write, but not enough time to think things over.

Thinking things over.

Yes, it’s a good thing at times, to carefully choose our words and think about the reprucussions of our words, but sometimes “thinking things over,” hinders the craft of writing. freely. unihibited.

There are judging by the red above, a lot of misspelled words above, but that’s okay.

If you are a writer and are reading this, I encourage you today to write something and not look at your words. I encourage you to write and not judge yourself for what you’ve written.

I encourage you to feel inspire, empowered by this act of reclamation.

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