slow down

I find that when I am most busy, when I have a million and one things in my head about what I must get done, I rush.

I rush my meals, my writing, my phone calls, the time spent with my children, the time spent preparing dinner, the time spent…breathing.

And, in rushing, I panic about not goign fast enough, about the time I don’t have and that I need in order

This week, I’ve been very busy, preparing for a second birthday party. I’ve been baking (and re-baking cupcakes).

I’ve been making and re-making birthday banners.

I’ve been writing guest posts and articles and responding to emails…

…and showering.

…and eating.

…and dealing with a baby with a cold.

…and doing all the other things that come with my normal plate of motherhood and parenting.

And, this time, or this week, I’ve often felt stressed, like I didn’t have enough time so I would go through the motions of my life…fast.

But, in the midst of going super duper fast, I’ve also been slowing down.

Yes, with a million and one things to do, rather than going faster and faster and stressing about what I can’t get done and need to get done, I  slow…down.

I take my time. I s breathe. I am mindful of my actions and live within these meoments of craziness as they happen in my life.

So, here I am writing. And, the cake isn’t made, nor has the spaghetti menu been really thought out, but that’s okay. I am writing now. And, while I am doing this, I am in this.

I’m slowing down in all of five minutes.


How do you stay focused and avoid being stressed when life seems to be insanely busy?

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