don’t be scared

I used to be terrified of dancing in public. Absolutely terrified.

I would hear the music, and I would want to move, but it was kind of like my body wouldn’t want to cooperate. It would stiffen. And all the moves that made sense in the mirror in my bedroom, they wouldn’t come out right.

With age and more confidence and, mainly, more practice, I got over my fear of dancing in public.

Practice makes perfect.

I thought about this truth about me when I started thinking about this blog. For the first few weeks of this blog, I didn’t really know why I was writing here online when I could be writing in private.

But, then I had an epiphany and realized that the reason I wanted to write here was to practice not being afraid of writing and making mistakes in my writing in public.

Sometimes, when writing for an audience, my words, they like to hide in places beneath the keys of my keyboard. Sometimes, they only live in my head. In writing in private for myself, I release the words that live there, or in my head, but I don’t really release them fully.

Here, I do. I do write to release the words in my head. I write here because I have to in order to get practice with writing in public. And, I’m no longer afraid of what may come of these words. I write here because I can.


Were you ever afraid of dancing or, even, writing in public? How do (or did) you get over your fears?

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