a post about nice girls

For some reason, all today I’ve had a quote in my head. “Nice girls finish last.” I thought of it when baking cupcakes with my toddler and when I lie in bed awake at 12 AM in the morning.

And, when I should have gone to get water at 2 AM in the morning, I sat down on the computer and typed “nice girls finish” and “nice girls have” in my search field and didn’t hit enter just because I wanted to see what others are searching for on “nice girls.” I got…”nice girls finish last,” “nice girls have fangs,” and “nice girls don’t date dead men” and some other weird ones.

I’ve been called a nice girl before. In my yearbooks of Middle School, along with “you’re so sweet,” I got “stay nice.”

I have always valued being nice because it’s how I would like others to treat me. But the truth of the matter is that not everyone is nice. Even if you are nice and make them cupcakes and help them and look out for them…not everyone will be nice, play nice in return.

Learning this in my 20s has been humbling. It’s made me want to get mean, to do unto others some of what’s been done onto me.

But, I never have really gotten mean because that’s not me. Nice girls may finish last but smart girls always win. I like to think I’m smart and nice so one negates the other.

So, I’ll stay nice, I think because I want to. I’ll stay nice without the expectation of others being nice to me in return because that’s what I want to put out in my universe. Nice-ness.


What do you think of the phrase “Nice girls finish last?” or its many variations? Isn’t there a value on being just plain nice anymore?

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