never too old for heels (a tribute to Madonna)

I am not a football person, but I watch the Superbowl almost every year. This year, I watched it out of tradition and in interest of seeing Madonna perform.

And while I spent most of my time throughout the game watching my tweet stream, during the halftime, I paid attention.


What can I say? She’s a legend. She’s a hero. She’s fabulous. I love her. And, I love that in spite of her age and others’ assumptions that she should “sit down,” she’s still dancing in heels, high heels.

I don’t wear heels anymore. Not since I stopped working a year ago. Now, I wear penny loafers and low boots and sandals and other shoes that make my legs look short. I’m still in my twenties (barely), but I don’t wear heels. I don’t wear heels at a time in my life when others think I should.

But, I do like looking at heels and I admire women who wear them, however. I admire Madonna because she wore heels today.

I admire her because the heels she wore were high and golden studded and shiny and because she wore them well.

The most fun part about being a woman? Some have said that it’s being able to wear heels. Lovely heels.

Yeah, it sounds lovely and I’m inspired. So, I’m dusting off my heels and putting them on tomorrow. If I break my neck, I’ll post on that tomorrow.

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2 Responses to never too old for heels (a tribute to Madonna)

  1. Jenologie says:

    post pics of your heels, lady!

  2. Jessica says:

    I know! Since I was sick today, I ended up not wearing heels. But should I feel better tomorrow, I will be wearing heels. And, I will take pictures! Lots of pictures!

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