man cold

I had always assumed that mothers were immune to getting the same illnesses as their children. Growing up, I remember my mom caring for my siblings and I during our illness and her never getting sick. “It must have been magic,” I assumed. “Mommy magic.”

My daughters were sick with colds last week, and I nursed them to health. And, now, now, I’m sick. With body aches, a headache, and a sore throat.


I had a lot planned for today, a lot that I didn’t anticipate a sick day standing in the way of.


It’s amazing how it’s so easy to take one’s health for granted. It’s like an old shirt in your closet. A shirt that you never wear but that you’d go ape-crazy if you lost it because it’s always been there. That’s a horrible analogy, I know. But, it works. Kind of.

I slowed down today due to my cold. I napped with my girls. I woke up in the morning at a decent time. And tonight, I plan to be in bed by 9 PM.

I couldn’t live like this always, but I like this change of pace. I like slowing down because it reminds me how fast, fast, fast I was going and how going too fast is not always the best way to move in life.


How do illnesses change you and your outlook on health, the pace of your life, etc?

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3 Responses to man cold

  1. A reality check was taken for me when my son was diagnosed with ITP. You realize that NOTHING is more important in life than your kids and nothing else matters except for your children being well.

  2. Jessica says:

    Thank you for sharing. It’s amazing how our children and our love for our children can change our perspectives for the better.

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