being the bigger person

Growing up, I remember being taught that in confrontations, in situations where someone has done you wrong, has been rude to you, or has hurt you, it’s important to be the “bigger person.”

The bigger person is, supposedly, above the pettiness of perceived hurts dished out by “small people” and can behave in a manner that surpasses their “lowliness.”

I believe in this truth.

I believe that in life it is always best to be the bigger person, to forgive and forget, to do onto others as you would have them do onto you, but sometimes, doing this truth, being the bigger person is hard. It’s uncomfortable.

Sometimes, instead of being the bigger person when hurt by someone, I want to be the smaller person. Okay, that sounds bad. Smaller person. Who wants to be small? No, I want to be big but I sometimes don’t want to be above the petty offenses that have been committed against me by others.

Sometimes, being the bigger person is hard.

But, sometimes, the thought of being the smaller person is more painful.


How do you stay big when others are so small?

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One Response to being the bigger person

  1. kga says:

    You stay big by being rational and realizing that you’re better off in the long run if you just let it go. There are only so many people who are worth your anger.

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