valentine’s day

This year, my husband has planned Valentine’s day for us. He has made reservations at a fancy smancy restaurant in the city that does not allow children.

I haven’t been to the restaurant that he’s made reservations, but from what I can tell from the reviews I’ve read online and the menu online, which might I add does not contain prices (something that poor people like us need) that it should promise a good time.

Last year, for Valentine’s day, my husband and I celebrated at home. I was about a month pregnant then, so I made heart shaped sugar cookies and threw them out after the last batch because the confectioner sugar smell in the icing made me naseous.

The year before that, Valentine’s day fell on a weekday that came two weeks after I gave birth to my first daughter. I was breastfeeding then so I couldn’t go too far, didn’t want to go too far, and my sexy jeans didn’t fit (really fit) over my waistline, so we went to the Olive Garden that was five minutes from our apartment at the time.

And the year before that we went to a Morrocan restaurant with an overweight belly dancer and bad food that was overpriced but that we paid for because everywhere was booked and because we didn’t want to look like “those poor people” who left after seeing the price on the menu. Even though we really were “those poor people.”


Valentine’s day.

It’s not one of my favorite holidays, but since being married, it is a holiday that we try to celebrate each year as an excuse to go out and do fun things together.


What is your take on Valentine’s day? Do you have any special plans this year?


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