how did i ever do this?

I didn’t want to write a post here today. I’m tired. I still have a cold and my toddler just vomited on the sofa I cleaned on Tuesday and I’m tired. Oh, I said that last one already?

I’m tired. Even though I took an hour long nap today and went to bed yesterday at 8 PM. I’m tired. And when you’re tired, everything seems that much harder, doesn’t it?

Roses are Red and Violets are blue. and I’ve constructed a cleaning schedule, how about you? Sorry. That made no sense.

But that’s what happens when you’re tired and sick. Your brain goes dead, no not dead but it slows down.

Usually, when I’m not sick I have a lo of energy. Usually my words make sense and usually it doesn’t feel like I’m writing in slooow motion.

But today it does. And this realization has me wondering how I ever did that, or what I used to do. How could I sleep at 10 pm and wake at 6 am and not nap? How did I ever have the energy to write and be a mom and deal with vomit stains on a sofa?

How? How?

Questions to the universe, I guess.


I don’t have a question today. Well, maybe I do…. Nope. I don’t. I’m too tired to think. Must. get. to. bed. Night Night.



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4 Responses to how did i ever do this?

  1. Lucy says:

    I feel this way often…how is any of this possible? How do women survive and thrive?

  2. Hugs momma. Hate those days. Here’s to a much better tomorrow

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