thrift store shopping

I’ve long been a fan of thrifting, or thrift store shopping. I think I’ve been doing it since elementary school. Then, it was not really a “cool” thing to do, but I did it because my parents were unwilling to spend $50 on the Guess jeans that it seemed all the cool kids had.(I did buy those Guess jeans. And hough they were two sizes small, I wore them every week because I wanted to be “cool.”

So, I thrifted. I bought shirts and skirts and toys and jeans for less than $5.

It was fun then, but I really didn’t have a “method” to my madness. Like most new thrifters who are used to paying regular prices for clothes and other odds and ends, my first time in a thrift store was like a child having sugar for the first time (or so I’d imagine a child having sugar for the first time).

I overdosed. I bought tons of things, tons of crap that looked good in the store and ended up in a giveaway bag the next season.

Now? Now, I’m a semi-profressional thrifter. Yesterday, I bought some cowboy boots. And a few weeks before, I bought some red skinny jeans, a sweater (with shoulder pads), and other fun things that have already proven to be great additions to my wardrobe.

I shop at the thrift store now with a plan. I know the items I need before I enter the door. And I stick with my list.

I no longer buy in bulk, but I boy with an awareness of what I need in my wardrobe.

So, yes, I thrift. I shop there and, on some occasions, at the “regular” stores. And I love it.


Do you shop at thrift stores? What are some cool things you’ve found on your shopping trips?

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4 Responses to thrift store shopping

  1. Savannah says:

    I just found a beautiful Marc Jacobs dress for $4 (now I just need to find an occasion to wear it)

  2. Great post! And great advice. Thrifting can be a real adventure if you come at it the right way 🙂

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