water spots on ceiling

We became homeowners in October of last year. Before getting to this very mature, very adult part of our lives, we rented. We rented small apartments with gyms and recreation rooms and a maintenance man who came whenever we called the rental office with an “issue.”

“Uh, yeah, my garbage disposal is making a noise but nothing’s going down the drain…Can you help?” And in response to this the maintenance man would come, fix our problem, and we would be happy.

Maintenance. In our new home, we, unfortunately, do not have a maintenance man. We don’t have a number to call to get help with figuring out, likely, easy home issues like a “stuck” garbage disposal or a creaky floorboard.

Instead, we go online. We’re usually broke, so we self-diagnose.

This afternoon we discovered water spots on our ceiling. “Uh, Jessica, I think we have a problem,” said my husband.

“A problem?” What kind of problem? I asked in return.

He then pointed at the spots on the ceiling. The new ones that are now overlapping the old ones that we didn’t deal with months ago because we didn’t know or want to deal with a “problem,” because we didn’t want to pay for a “problem.”


So, yeah. Houston? We have a problem. We have water spots on our ceiling.

And, Houston? We have no maintenance man now.


Oh the joys of home-ownership. What are some things that took you by surprise in owning your own home?

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