nice weather and the things we think we want

This is a post about weather so feel free to decide now whether it’s worth your time or not. I like warm weather. Cold weather makes me depressed, makes me eat chocolate, makes me not want to get out of bed.

The weather here where I live has been hovering in the 50s. I know. The 50s isn’t great weather relatively, but it’s better than the 30s. The 30s is cold. And I hate the cold. Oh, wait, I already said that.

I often try to imagine what my life would be like if I lived in a place with tropical weather. Maybe I’d be happier. Maybe I’d exercise everyday and juice and wake up earlier with a smile on my face.

Or maybe not.

The prospect of living in a place with warm weather seems sweet now because it’s not where I live now. But maybe. Just maybe if my “wish” for living in a place of warm weather came true, then maybe I’d want cold weather.

That’s the nature of human beings, right? We always want what we don’t have? We always value the things that we think we need but don’t have but think would be of value if we had them. That sentence probably makes no sense at all. But that’s okay. The point is there in the words. Somewhere.


Do you also feel happier/ more motivated in warm weather?


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One Response to nice weather and the things we think we want

  1. Jennifer says:

    I think I enjoy the fantasy of warm weather because it makes me think of vacations, new beginnings, and being outdoors which for whatever reason makes me feel more alive. Totally with you on this one.

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