so that’s what I look like

Since becoming a mom, I’ve taken countless pictures of my kids.

From sitting on the potty to crawling to discovering toes and hands, I’ve got it all covered.

But pictures of myself are few and far in between. I am usually the one who’s home with my girls and I’m usually the one who thinks to bring my camera on family outings and I’m the one who knows what I think I want out of a shot so I’m usually the photographer.

But today, today I was the “model.” My husband took some pictures of the girls and I sitting on the sofa in our living room. There’s nothing special about the pictures. I’m wearing stained yoga pants and a faded black top and my girls are wearing their pajamas, but I like the pictures. I like seeing myself, too.

I realize in looking at those pictures that taking more pictures of myself is something that I need to get in the habit of. I don’t think I want to commit to a 365 photo challenge for the endeavor of capturing me, but I do want to make it a habit to remember me, too, in photographs.

I want to remember me as I am today because I am growing, too. I am getting older, too. I’m passing milestones, too, not the same kinds of milestones as my daughters, but I’m progressing, moving, too. This deserves to be captured.

So starting today, no, not today, but tomorrow, I will take more pictures of myself.

This should be interesting.


Parents, do you take many pictures of yourself? Why or why not?

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