novel writing

Novel writing is a lot like running in a marathon. Okay, I’ve never run in a marathon, but I imagine that marathon running requires a great deal of stamina, a determination to finish, and endurance.

That’s like novel writing. It’s a journey, one that could change direction on any given day that you decide to sit down to write.

That’s invigorating, but also scary. It’s scary to write without a clear direction, to get far into a plot and not know where it’s exit points or road signs are.

I know this as someone who started writing a novel.

I started writing a novel at 24. I was in graduate school then.

I worked on my novel daily, usually at night after finishing any readings or writings for my schoolwork. I had every plan to publish my novel at 24 and to see where that journey would take me, but when I left my graduate program at 25, I stopped writing.

With over 25,000 words, I stopped writing because, in the beginning, I wanted a break. Then, after stopping for so long, and having two kids, returning seemed too hard.

But recently, I’ve been toying with the idea of picking up the pieces of that novel and writing again. My life has changed a lot since I started writing that novel so I’m sure the direction of the story may change, hopefully, for the better.

I just need to add it on my to-do list and make it happen. Today.


Have you ever thought to write a novel? If you are writing a novel, what keeps you motivated to get to the finish line?

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2 Responses to novel writing

  1. Lucy says:

    Do it!! What’s it about?

  2. Jessica says:

    I want to! It’s about a young boy of a war torn country and family. It tells his life as seen through his eyes.

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