the post where i talk about sleep

Before I had children, I always struggled with getting a “good” night’s sleep. “What’s a good night sleep?” you ask. Oh, well, then a “good night’s” sleep was one that lasted at least nine hours, that took place on a comfortable bed. Now, my understandings of what a good night’s sleep is have changed.

Now, six hours of sleep are good. Six hours of sleep are enough for me to function and not see black dots in my line of vision by 8 PM.

Now, I have no trouble with getting to sleep. In fact, I think I probably break world records in just how fast I can go from fully awake to totally zonked out. Really. And this is impressive.

Now, as a parent I don’t have time for insomnia, or pillow talk, or counting sheep, or mulling over my day’s events. These are things I once did, but now, now, when it’s time for sleep, I don’t/can’t play games.

Recently, I’ve been sleeping a lot less than I should. Trying to beat the system of parenting sleep gods that dictate that parents sleep when they’re children do, I’ve been burning the midnight oil on both ends. I think that makes sense. Both ends? Midnight oil? Anyway, the point is that I’ve been waking up early and sleeping later than I should. And you want to know the outcome of this brilliant plan: Exhaustion. My body hurts. My eyes hurt. After 7 PM, I can barely read the words on a computer screen. But I still do try. I still to try to hold on to this last vestige of my former self, this writing self, so I try to push the limits of my exhaustion to get things done.

But all of this is catching up to me. I’m not a coffee drinker, so my energy or lack thereof is mine alone.

*sigh. I don’t want to complain anymore. So I’ll stop here.


How do you manage to fit “me time/” work time in with kids and no childcare? Really. I need your secrets!

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2 Responses to the post where i talk about sleep

  1. rtd14 says:

    My main thing is that I have to have time to write and edit because of my schedule. I do work from home as a writer. I am training myself to wake up super early and expect to have less sleep. I’m not an insominiac, and I’m lucky my one-year-old sleeps through the night. My best advice is take Vitamins if you don’t already, or if you can find just twenty minutes during the day to walk somewhere, it helps so much. I understand your pain! I like to sleep.

  2. Jessica says:

    Thank you for the advice! I have been slacking on taking Vitamins. They do make the world of difference. We had been going for walks, but with my new “great” idea of waking early to go to the gym, the wonderful effects of walking have mostly been missed by my body. This week, I have a new plan, however, a plan for making it with less exercise, more sleep, better eating, and more writing. I hope this works!

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