what’s that award show that everyone’s watching?

So it’s the Oscars tonight and I’m not watching. I’m not watching because I don’t really care for award shows, never really have. Even if I were a celebrity, I probably wouldn’t care for award shows, or being photographed, or critiqued for the color of my nail polish or the wrinkles on my chin.

Award shows for me speak to an older time in our society, a time when stars were truly “stars,” held on a higher pedestal and recognized for their un-human abilities to be beautiful, skinny, desired, talented, and well dressed. Now, now with reality TV and gossip tabloids that find the dirt and Twitter and Facebook, the star system isn’t what it used to be. At least not in my eyes.

Now stars are recognized as being great, but they are now recognized as being human. They want to be recognized as “just like us.” And they are just like us. They do fart and have bad breath and cry about silly things. But they are rich and can afford pretty clothes and botox and diamonds and butlers and nannies to make us forget about their other “sides.”

But they’re human. And award shows these days are celebrations of humans who’ve done great things in their craft. It’s honorable. Noble even. But I’m still not watching.


Are you watching the Oscars tonight?

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