pinterest, oh, pinterest

I didn’t want to join Pinterest. I didn’t want one more thing in my blogging life to feel I needed to obsess over, to stay up late over.I didn’t want to like Pinterest. I didn’t want to use it to attract attention to my blog or to feel like I needed to worry about attracting attention to my blog.

But, guess what? I joined Pinterest. About two months ago, I joined Pinterest. And what started as a casual romance of one time flings has become a full out, crazy love affair. I’m the stalker one in this relationship, clearly. I’m the one who can’t get enough, the one who is checking her boards and  looking for more, more, MORE (insert tyrannical laughter).

I LOVE pinterest and not for my blog. And come to think of it, I don’t even think about my blog when I’m on there. Nope. Mommyhood Next Who? I have no idea where that place is when I’m in Pinny’s arms.

Yes, Pinny is Pinterest’s pet name. What? You didn’t know that already?

I LOVE pinterest because I love seeing beautiful things and being inspired. I like looking at stuff and fancying myself a crafter, a baker, a fashion model, a house restyle-er (OK. That’s not a word, but you get the point. I think).

I like becoming the person who I’ve always wanted to be through looking at the bits of inspiration of others. I love being inspired. I love living inspired.

So, now I’m obsessed with Pinterest. Like really. Obsessed. I just made a Chicken recipe from there and tomorrow, I plan on making a homemade pizza. A homemade pizza! And I’m not Becky Crocker. But, I can play her and Giada and Rachel (yes, we’re on first names at this point) when I’m on Pinterest.


Are you on Pinterest? What do you love most about Pinterest? And how are you using it to better your life?

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