overlooking something beautiful

I read somewhere that it helps, when, writing to create a mood for writing. It helps to create a mood that can get you to where you need to be, want to be, as a writer to create, to explore character personalities, to build plots, to forget about your real life and just write.

I believe this to be true. As a writer, I find that I write best when I am near a window that overlooks something beautiful. I write best when the window is clear and my writing utensils, whether paper and a pencil or a computer are situated on something sturdy, not my lap (as is usually the case), but something wooden and solid.

I write best in the mornings, when I’ve just woken up and have yet to be bothered by my real life demands, or the thoughts in my head about the nagging things on my to-do list.

I write best when I’m free and overlooking something like a garden or a forest or, maybe, maybe, an ocean.

The world is the writer’s canvas. Through being within the world, in having the beautiful parts of the world at his/her finger tips, the process of the creation of beautiful things comes more naturally, more easy.

If I could write anything beautiful, I would like to do it in my beautiful place. I’d like to stay there in that place until my mind begged me to return to something else.


What is your beautiful place for writing? Do you find that you write best under certain circumstances?

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2 Responses to overlooking something beautiful

  1. Strangly, I write best when I’m sad/crying. There’s just so much emotion yearning to escape.

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