that diy facial

I started writing about this yesterday but stopped. But, I’m attempting it again. With five minutes and a fuller night of sleep, I think I can tackle the story of that one time that I burned my face with a diy facial of apple cider vingegar.

OK, now, by for I get into the “horror” of the story, let me begin by saying that I have long been plagued with acne. I wanted to say “bad skin” instead of acne, but “bad” seems so harsh and so mean to my skin, so I didn’t. OK, back to the story. Because I suffered from acne throughout high school and college, I was desperate for a natural remedy. I was long weary of chemicals and treatments and dermatologists, so I did things myself mostly when it came to my skin.

So, the facial that went wrong was given by me to me on a Sunday, a Sunday before a Monday that I needed to go to work. So, with the botched facial that burned my skin, I looked pretty bad. I called in that Monday.

Me: Hi, I can’t come in…. My face is burned.

Boss: Oh, God! Are you OK?

Me: “Yeah.”

(ten minutes later, boss wants to know how it happened.)

Boss: So, were you in a fire?

Me: No, I (cough) gave-myself-a-bad-facial.

Boss: …Oh.

Talk about embarrassing.


Have you ever done something really stupid to your skin or body or something else in your life then had to fess up to it to someone else? Really. I told my story. It’s your turn!

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