this isn’t a political post

…it’s a post about healthcare. OK, so maybe to some this is a political issue, but for the sake of this post, let’s assume it’s not. M-kay. Healthcare.

I just learned of someone close who’s sick with a terminal illness but can’t stop working because “she” needs healthcare.

This is not a political post, and her life is not political. It’s personal. Her story of office visits during her lunch breaks and missed days from work due to chemotherapy is a personal issue. I guess, in the eyes of the laws of this land, it’s her problem that she’s sick and she must, therefore, fend for herself.

But, and that’s my issue with this healthcare issue that seems political but is not.

Her health affects that of her children. No, correction. Her health doesn’t affect her children’s health. Well, maybe it can. I meant originally that her health affects their lives. Knowing that mommy could die someday on account of her poor health affects them greatly.And if they lose their mommy then we are all affected by their loss. Right?

It’s a personal issue. But it, or our health, affects others so it’s a social issue.

Social issues matter, not political but personally to me at least they do.

This isn’t a political post, however. It’s a personal one.


I don’t want to begin a debate about who should shoulder the responsibility of healthcare in this country. I just wanted to tell the personal story of a woman whose story touched my own.

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