something domestic

I never really imagined myself as a someday domestic.

When I was in college and pursuing my degree in English, I thought I’d be a teacher, or maybe a writer, or maybe PR professional. Honestly I didn’t know what I was going to be with a degree in English but with my degree in English I felt I needed to “shoot” for the stars, or the most high paying job I could according to that online “salary calculator” I found as a Junior.

And I was shooting for a different version of the stars after college. But then motherhood happened to me and my plan to “shoot” for the stars as a professional changed. Now, I am a mom who works in her home as a mom/familial CEO/house cleaner/interior decorator/wife/and…

I assume a lot of roles in this role that I currently occupy. And while some may not value the work that I do here, I do, and usually I can see the value of my work to this moment in my current life.

Usually, I can see beyond what society may think of my domestic work and value my work as valuable because it really is. I can cook decent meals and clean carpets and …. Hold on. Did I really just count “carpet cleaning” as one of my skills? Geez, that sounds so small, so unimportant in the grand scheme of “real” life. But it really is a skill I have now that I didn’t before becoming a domestic…person. Really!


How do you stay mindful of your value if you aren’t directly contributing to “normal” society?

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