it’s just hair

One of the many things I love about my husband is that he is supportive of me being me. He doesn’t try to make me be someone else. He just wants me to be me, to be happy with me.

So, when I was supposed to go to the beauty salon on this past Tuesday, and I asked my husband what he’d think if I cut all of my hair off, I knew his response — “Sure, honey. If that’s what makes you happy.”

“So…you wouldn’t mind if your wife didn’t have any hair,” I said, suspicious that he could so easily be OK with such a major hair move.

“It’s just hair,” he said again.

“OK,” I said in response, staring at him awfully hard.

So, when my hair appointment did come and I did get my curly hair straightened and curled and trimmed and my husband called asking if it (my appointment) was over yet,” I knew just what to say.

“Yes, it’s over. I hope you like it.”

“What?? You, uh, actually cut your hair,” he said.

“Yeah. Well. I mean, I thought it’s just hair and that you’d be OK with whatever would make me happy.”

“Yeah. Well… uh….so you have no hair?”

“Yep. I’m bald.”


“We’ll talk about this when you get home…” he said.

Long story short, I came home, he saw my hair and his panic attack was averted.

But it is just hair. And if I did just cut all of my hair, he’d be OK with it, eventually.


Does your significant other put much thought into your hair?

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