mechanical pencils remind me of writing in cursive

In the third grade, my teacher gave us mechanical pencils and this writing pad with dotted, cursive letters. With these pencils, we were given the chance to practice writing in cursive. After practicing on the guided note pads, she’d give us a blank piece of paper and ask that we write letters, our name, or random words that she came up with on the fly.

I wasn’t horrible at this activity of cursive writing, but I wasn’t the best. The best in our class was a kid named Darren.

He was called the class “wimp” and he threw up once in the trash can at the front of the class, but he was best known for his cursive writing.

The teacher, when passing by his desk, would always compliment his writing. “That’s beautiful,” she’d say.

I hoped I’d get such a compliment, but I knew my cursive writing was never that good. My hand jerked when writing it and my jaws clenched. Darren, as I imagined him, probably didn’t have these problems, and that’s why his words always looked so smooth, so effortless.

I knew he was destined for greatness with his beautiful writing. I just knew it. I knew that in order to get to that greatness, I’d need to work on my cursive.

But I never really did work on my cursive after that class. I used print and no one encouraged me to write in cursive, except that time when I had to on that one test. So now my cursive is a lot like it was as a child, disjointed and rough and so-not like Darren’s.

But that’s OK. I’ve made it this far.


Do you write in cursive often? Does anyone write in cursive anymore? Or is it like a dying art form?

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2 Responses to mechanical pencils remind me of writing in cursive

  1. I thought learning cursive was pointless. I never had to use it again after 3rd grade!

  2. Jessica says:

    Exactly! I like looking at cursive, but like you, I never use it in my life as an adult!

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