I am not ashamed to admit that I’m a huge fan of Hoarders on A&E. I watch that show sometimes with a blanket nearby and a light dimmed in the background because it’s that good. It’s like real-life horror. Horror- to see other people’s messes and try to convince yourself that it (or their horrible messes) could never happen to you.

But, that’s not what makes it scary, right? What makes Hoarders so scary, so juicy, so dramatic is that those hoarding people could be you.

In that divorcee who started hoarding when her husband died or that cat woman whose house became overran by cats and feces and rat nests when she lost her children to social services, you can see some of yourself.

Well, maybe, maybe if you look hard enough and are open to hearing their human stories then you as a human can feel something for them.


After watching hoarders, I always clean something. Whether a closet, a pantry, beneath my couches, or a diaper bag. I clean something. I also give away stuff. I give away things that through the episode I realize are really just things that I’ve been holding on and assigning value to them because they’ve been in my life for x amount of years.


Do you watch Hoarders on A&E? If so, why do you watch?

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