60 posts and counting

This post is probably meaningless to anyone reading this, but to me it’s a marker of something big — my 60th post. This is my 60th post. Aside from two missed days, I’ve written on this blog for 60 days. From sweaters with shoulder pads to cursive writing, I’ve had something to say for 60 days!

When I started this blog, I was torn about the relationship I’d like to have with any potential readers of this blog. This is a public blog but the stuff I write here is so random that I always wonder who could enjoy this, who could see the value in this this beyond me as a writer.

But, I’m told that others have and do see a value in this blog and that makes me happy. It makes me happy that what I’m writing every 5 minutes a day is enjoyable, sometimes funny, sometimes thought provoking, sometimes silly to others.

Writing is a humbling craft in that sense. Writers, we’d, like to pretend that we are and will be without an audience. And we will be. But having an audience and writing with an acute awareness of that audience is humbling.

So to anyone who’s ever read my words at this blog, thank you. Those this blog is my own personal writing workshop. It really means a lot that you care to listen, to offer feedback, to read.


I don’t have a question. I just want to say thanks again for reading me here and making this platform for my writing even more awesome for me!


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4 Responses to 60 posts and counting

  1. Ugly Moose says:

    Ha, 2 ahead of you. Take that 🙂

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