spring is almost here

Let’s see… my favorite season is Spring. I love seeing flowers blooming. I love the warmth, the sunny days and that feeling of renewal that I somehow get whenever spring rolls around.

I was born in the Winter, in January. I was born, I’m told, on a day that snow covered the ground and the temperatures hovered around 30 degrees.

Yeah, I’m a January baby, but the Spring is where my heart is. I feel most inspired in the Spring. It’s when I am most interested in picking up that old novel that I left off. It’s when I am most motivated to walk and be outside and move my body.

This Spring, I’m looking forward to writing more, cleaning more, painting more, stressing less, loving more, smiling more broadly.

I’m looking forward to Spring and for the possibilities that it seems to present in my head for what’s to come in my life.

With two minutes left, I have nothing more to say other than, “Yay. Spring!”


What’s your favorite season? Anyone else looking forward to spring as much as me?

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One Response to spring is almost here

  1. jen says:

    My favorite season is autumn. The Spring is light and fun for me but the fall makes me more pensive and thoughtful for some reason. I think its because I’m accustomed to the fall marking the beginning of a new chapter of schooling. 🙂

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