practice makes perfect

Sometimes, I like to think of writing as a kind of muscle. A kind of muscle that if not used, gets all flabby and out of shape and bad looking. But if used, and if used on a regular basis, writing looks pretty sexy, pretty fit, toned, and beautiful.

For the past months, I’ve made it a point to write everyday, to flex my writing chops. And while on some days, I don’t see the worth of my daily writings, usually I do. Today was one of those days. In re-reading some old writings of mine from a year ago, I realize that I’ve gotten a bit better at this. I’ve gotten better at being more grammatically correct. Hmm. “more grammatically correct.” That’s proper English, right?

I’ve also gotten better at writing what’s on my head without hesitation of what sounds right. I’m not where I want to be with my writing, particularly my fiction writings, but I’m getting there. Slowly.

The other day, I opened that old document of that old novel that I started almost five years ago and I started writing again. Yes, five years removed, I started writing again. And it made sense. It felt right. It felt like riding a bike again.

Writing thrills me. It’s what humbles me, keeps me interested in learning, practicing, and doing.


Do you have a similar hobby that you enjoy doing, that you enjoy practicing at just for the sake of getting better?

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One Response to practice makes perfect

  1. jen says:

    I think I’ve always been intimidated by being a “writer” like somehow that was not enough and so my writing has always been for a serious purpose. Now that I’ve started blogging and I write for me, it is such a reflective experience that is fulfilling. Writing a novel, though? Now that’s bold in my book. Can’t wait until we can all read it.

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