beautiful earrings

This post is pretty useless, so if you don’t feel like reading about something as useless as beautiful earring, then please, please, click away. Fast.

This is post about some earrings that I bought at the thrift store this weekend. They’re not anything special. They don’t dangle. They don’t sparkle. They aren’t, or weren’t, originally expensive or valuable in their past life, but I love them. I love that they are a beautiful color and that they bring out the brown in my eyes and that they were a dollar.

Yes, a dollar. I think that’s what made me like them most.

Earrings. I like earrings. I’m not very big on necklaces of bracelets (though I should be). I like earrings. I always have. When I got my ears pierced at 12, I wore studs. But then, with time, I started to do more dramatic things, like wearing massive earrings that grandmas worry about as being “bad” for your health.

Now, I don’t/can’t do big earrings. I have kids now, kids who pull on things and throw things and spit on things, so when I wear earrings now, they’re usually understated and difficult to pull off.

So, I love my new earrings. That’s all.


Do you have a favorite accessory? What is it?

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