1,500 dollar mattress

The first mattress I ever bought was when my husband and I got our first apartment. We were 23 then, I think. We bought it from one of those major mattress discounter type chains and for 1,500 dollars. 1,500 dollars. The salesperson sold it to us as a “designer mattress.” He spoke with his hands as he talked about how it was kind of used, but refurbished and that 1,500 dollars was really a good deal.

And he sold us well. We laid on the pillow top mattress and were sold on a used, 1,500 dollar mattress. We paid for it on credit, of course and paid for it over the course of a year using the money we made from our entry-level jobs.

And now, now that “prized” mattress sits in our guest room, now known as the most uncomfortably, soft mattress we’ve ever slept on. It sits there, reminding of that one time that my husband and I were “sold” on a crazy expensive mattress because the salesperson sold us on a used, crazy, expensive mattress.

There’s a lesson here, hmm, but I can’t quite articulate it yet. Maybe the lesson is that you should never ever, unless, of course, you’re Puff Daddy, ever, ever pay 1,500 dollars for a mattress. Ever. Comfort is key but comfort doesn’t always come with a super, high price tag.


Have you ever regretted spending a crazy amount of money on some household item? If so, what was the item?

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