lima beans- it’s what’s for dinner

As a child, I remember hating one food- lima beans. Lima beans. Those light green, kidney-shaped beans were what all kids hated, or at least the kids of all the shows I watched as a child.

Kid #1: “What are you having for dinner?”

Kid #2: “Lima Beans.”

Kid #1: “Oh, yuck!”

So, Lima Beans remained my most hated food until I actually tried them and loved them. Well, maybe not “loved” them, but I liked them enough to eat them again and again and again.

Today, we had, among other things, Lima beans for dinner. And they were yummy. And my toddler loved them, asked for seconds, and in eating her seconds, said “Mmm mmmm mm mm mmmmmm.” And in hearing that I was reminded of how I once hated Lima beans because all the other kids hated them. And I hoped at that moment that she would continue to like Lima beans and other things that she favors at this age when she gets older. That’s my hope.

Lima beans are good, after all. And good for her.


Do you recall the stigma attached to Lima Beans? I’m a child of the 80s, so maybe Lima Beans were just the gross-kid food then. Hmm. Not sure.

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