revealing stuff online: what’s OK and what’s not

My husband says I’m an oversharer by nature. I talk a lot and share a lot, I admit, because I think sharing and talking are the best ways to stay humble and open to discovering parts of myself, my true story in others. So, I share in real life and online. I share. From DIY facials gone wrong to Facebook friends, I talk a lot.

But, I also keep some things private, too. The things that affect others in my life, the things that would likely not make sense to others, the things that I sometimes don’t make sense to me. Those things I keep to myself. I keep them, not because I want to hide things, but because in sharing and talking it’s sometimes best to think first. No, wait, it’s always best to think first. So, if I have a fight with a friend, for instance, and I’m very upset about the fight, I won’t blog about it, I won’t talk about to everyone, not because I’m being dishonest, but, I’ve learned that fresh wounds need to heal first.

Keeping something sacred. My marriage is sacred. My children are sacred. My heart is sacred.

When talking about these things, I always make sense of things first, then talk. I always choose my words carefully because I know that words are power and the words I choose to say (online or in real life) once released from my lips are open to others’ interpretation, judgments, etc.

Hmm. I have no idea why I decided to write about this today, but I think it has something to do with the fact that I have been reading some really personal, really heavy stuff online that have made me reflect on what I share.

So, to sum things up, I share a lot because that’s my nature. I’m a private person, but if you ask me, I’ll likely tell you almost anything. And I mean that seriously. I’m not a guarded person. But, I do keep some stuff (like 15.000001%) for myself.


What do you share and not share online? Are there any topics that are off-limits for discussion in the lives you lead either online or offline?

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3 Responses to revealing stuff online: what’s OK and what’s not

  1. jen says:

    I’m the same. Anything that I’ll regret or change my mind on, I try to keep to myself or give a second thought at least before sharing. Its hard sometimes knowing what is good information or oversharing but I think as long as you can live “with” yourself online and be comfortable in your own skin, you are in a good place.

  2. Jessica says:

    That’s a good point! And I agree! I think what’s most important is that you can live with what you say, now and down the line.

  3. Adriel Booker says:

    this is a tough one, ey? i sometimes wonder if my kids will be bummed that so much of their life is played out online. not just with the blog, but even more so with facebook. (i take and post millions of photos.) but then i realize that most of their generation will be the same… so they won’t know any different. i think. ??? but yeah, there’s definitely things that don’t go online. things about my husband, my marriage, other relationships. when i do post funny/potentially embarrassing things about ryan i always ask first. (and he loves it – he’s always telling me i should blog about him doing this or that. ha!) as the kids get older i would think the way i write about them will change. it will need to. but for now, i don’t worry about over-sharing too much. definitely the most personal thing i’ve shared is my birth story with judah. probably because i also posted photos. i went back and forth about wether to do that or not, but ultimately decided to because i want people to read that (especially potential vbac-ers) and feel inspired and empowered. plus, i’m just really proud of it and want to share what’s most beautiful to me. but yeah, i certainly was nervous hitting publish on that one. it was so personal and meant so much to me…..

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