what motivates you?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my reasons for writing online, for being a blogger, for sharing myself, my children with an audience of friends and strangers. I think, when I got into blogging, I did it to connect with others and in sharing, you do connect. Now, I do it to connect with others and to connect with myself. I think.

I enjoy writing. I enjoy taking pictures. I enjoy meeting new people. So, naturally, this, or blogging, is something that I enjoy to do. And though, at times, I imagine that my life would seem easier without it, I know that in truth, my life feels easier because of it.

Blogging has added so much to my life. It’s introduced me to new places, new people, and new ideas that I know I would have likely never found (or never found as quickly) if I didn’t take part in this medium.

Blogging has made being a stay at home mom and a writer and mom in general a lot easier.

So, what motivates me with blogging? Well, all of these things and a lot more.


What motivates you? If you are a blogger, why do you maintain your blog? Why does it matter to you?

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One Response to what motivates you?

  1. jen says:

    Bloggin’ is fun. Plus, I enjoy exploring what happens when I let myself write. You never know what comes out and I learn more about myself than I expect.

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