i’m not a phone person

I got my first cell phone in college. It was made by T-mobile. It was clear, plastic and boxed-shaped. I liked it because it worked. It didn’t do anything fancy except dial numbers but I liked it enough.

My next cell phone was a RAZR. It was hot pink and “thin” and pretty hip, at first. I kept it for three years. I liked it because it worked. It dialed numbers, was pink, and could “easily” fit in my pocket (kind of).

But then I got a new phone. It was a Blackberry Tilt. It was a bit fancier than my other two phones. It had a “good” camera, could reach the Internet, and had some fun apps. But more important than that it could dial numbers. It worked. It couldn’t really fit in my pocket like my Razr, but it did fit in my huge purse.

My next phone was a Samsung Galaxy. It’s the phone I have now. I didn’t buy it myself. My husband bought it for me as a gift, a two month late birthday gift. It’s a fancy phone. It gets to the Internet. It takes pictures. It has a lot of apps. Oh, and it fits in my pocket.Quite nicely.


What type of phone do you have currently? What do you like about your current phone?


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2 Responses to i’m not a phone person

  1. fromsonika says:

    reminds me of my series of phones…..from simple dialing only types, to camera types and now to 3G types (Samsung) ! I am glad I am carrying a bit modern one finally 😀

  2. Jessica says:

    Yeah, me too! I love my new phone and am now, not sure, how I once did without it!

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