My sister gave me a copy of Tina Fey’s Bossypants about a year ago. I started reading it then, then stopped, then started, then stopped again. The book sat on my bookshelf for months. My sister would call and ask, “Have you read it yet?” “It’s such a great book!” And I’d blame parenthood for not reading it. “It did look good,” I said. “All two chapters I read looked good.”

Today, I picked it off the bookshelf and began reading it again. And can I just say that I’m in love. I’m in love with Tina Fey and her fabulous writing. I enjoy reading good writing because it inspires me, makes me want to be and do better as a writer. So that’s cool and kind of important.

I mean, what’s that saying, “You are the company you keep”? I think the same applies to writers. So, in my opinion, you are a good as the people you read. It’s unfortunate but reading crap inspires crap. Reading good writing inspires good writing. Well, OK, maybe they’re some limitations to that. By reading Tina Fey, we all can’t become her, but we can hope, which is just as good, right?

So, yeah, I’m reading Bossypants and I’m committed to finishing it this time. No matter what.


Have you read Bossypants? What did you think?

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