chickens in my backyard

I’ve been thinking about ways to eat more organic, cleaner foods a lot after watching Food Inc. I went to our local organic market and before that watched a special on my local news about urban farming. These two events made me think about the possibility of starting my own chicken farm in my backyard. Oh, what, what’s that? Jessica, you live in a townhome with a backyard the size of a closet? Oh, yes, well, there’s that. But in theory, me owning and starting my own chicken farm makes perfect sense. Really.

Sure, I don’t have much space and sure my homeowner’s association would likely not allow it, but maybe, maybe it could work. I want my own chickens. Or, no, I don’t really want my own chickens. I want my own eggs and I like the idea of wanting my own chickens.

I like the idea of owning a chicken coop and hearing a rooster in the morning go “Cook-a-doodle-dooooooo!” I’m sure the exclamation point should be omitted, but I’m leaving it in just because I can. Ha. I like the idea of urban farming and going back to my farming roots while still still an, otherwise, very modern lifestyle.

If I had chickens, I’d feed them every morning and my daughters would feed them, too. I’d take pictures of them and show them on this blog. It would be fun and a lot of hard work, and, wait hard work? Hmm. Maybe I don’t need a chicken farm after all.


Would you consider starting your own urban farm?

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