70’s music

I’ve been described as an old soul since I was about 12. In meeting me, adults would always remark, “You seem so mature for your age.” And to this I would always smile and say “thank you” or “that’s what people say.”

I never really got why older people would say this to me, but I went with it. Now that I’m older, I get it. I get that my “old soul” probably resulted from the fact that I didn’t do things that most children did at my age. I never watched cartoons. I preferred musicals. I ate lima beans and liked liver. Oh, and my taste in music was…well…interesting.

In the second grade, I began listening to classical music and easy listening music. Yes, the second grade. I was 7 then. In the third grade, I began listening to 70s music. By middle school, I was listening to 70s music, easy listening music, electronica music, and classical music. And, of course, the more traditional varieties of teens my age, or contemporary pop, rhythm and blues, etc.

At the time, I didn’t think it was strange that I listened to such a range of music at such a young age, but now, I realize that it was kind of strange. Old soul. I was an old soul. And that’s kind of cool.


What are your favorite kinds of music?

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