running again

After 29 years of life on this earth, I think I’ve figured out my problem. I’m overly ambitious. I take the whole “glass half full” thing to head more than most and I do more and take on more because I also like to think I can do more and take on more.

I took on more when I decided to start going to the gym when my baby and toddler still couldn’t sleep through the night. I decided to take on more when I took 7 classes in my final year of undergraduate college.

I take on a lot, usually. But I’m learning that maybe I should aim lower, take on less and be more realistic. I must learn to say “No” to myself. Because, yeah, saying “No” to others is really easy. Really easy, at this point in my life. It’s saying “No, Jessica” to myself that’s hard. Really hard.

So, yeah, and this is why I started running again last week. Wait, what?? Oh, I just said I would stop trying to do too much? Yeah. I know. But this time is different from last time because this time I’m running outside and at 6:30 am, whereas last time it was at 5:30 am and at the gym. Remember? So, yeah, it’s different. It will be different. Really.


I have the marathon coming up, so this running is what I’m doing to prepare. I must prepare, right? Right??

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