ugly old women and weak old men

The title of this post sounds controversial, right? But, really, what follows, is not controversial at all. Or, maybe it’s not that controversial.

I was listening to BBC radio this morning and heard a story about the popularity of male enhancements, male, testosterone enhancements among older male professionals working in Manhattan, NY.

The story was rather long and included some interviews, catchy tunes about “low T,” but the gist of it was that men who have the means are dishing out money to buy vigor, strength, and youth through testosterone supplements.

Hearing the men talk about how taking the supplements has allowed them to “compete” with twenty-somethings in their workplace made me laugh, a bit. It made me laugh that aging is now deemed problematic for men, too. It made me think about how the problem with aging is different for men than it is for women.

With women, aging is seen as “bad” because it takes away some of their power, which is always sexually defined. Aging is fought with creams and botox and makeup and lifts and Barbara Walter’s lighting. For men, aging is also “bad” because it takes away from their power, their strength, their alpha-ness (as defined by their hair, sexual desire, and teeth (I think).

So, now, both men and women are working towards fighting the clock and reclaiming youth to maintain their grips on power, as it’s defined in our society.

It’s all so strange, and all so wrong, I think. What’s so bad with getting older, I thought before remembering that I, too, had an issue with aging for much of my life. Now, however, I’m at a place, where I’ve come to accept and value the aging process as a necessary one that we all, men and women, must learn to embrace to live our lives, as they were intended, to their fullest potential.


Have you heard of the ads for Low-T? What are your thoughts of the testosterone supplements for men?

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One Response to ugly old women and weak old men

  1. I know this is political and I should stay away from that, but you did ask…so I will tell you that it irritates me that the same people who want to restrict funding for anything to do with women’s reproductive rights have no problem with funding Viagra for men.

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