dreaming out loud

I think the hardest part about daring to dream is accepting that after your pursuit of your dreams you can fail. Failure is the thought that made me fearful of really pursing my dreams. Failure was the thing that made me afraid to pursue my dreams and have others know about the dreams I was pursuing.

I didn’t want to be hurt or embarrassed. I didn’t want to look like a fool. I didn’t want to look like I cared that much and nothing came from my dreams. So, when it came to my dreams, I was silent. I spoke in my head my dreams to write, to perform, to teach, but I never said them aloud.

Last year, however, I changed that. Last year, I began to say my dreams out loud. I began to say them as types of proclamations, destinations that I was working towards. I began to think of them as destinations that were made more beautiful by the thought that even the journey to reach them was enough for me.

Last year, I said I wanted to write. And, as I said it, I began directing my feet towards writing. I began pursuing writing communities and opportunities, because that’s what I’ve always wanted.

It was my dream.

Dreams are beautiful things that come true when you believe that they are worth working towards. Dreams sometimes happen by happenstance, but, usually, they don’t. Usually to reach your dreams, you must pursue, pursue them with intention and belief in yourself and fearlessness of the outcome of that pursuit and belief.

You must dare to dream. Yes. And you must dare to follow through.


What dreams are you working towards at the moment?

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