the dishwasher v my blog

I had every intention to write a post on this blog yesterday. Seriously.

But, it’s my dishwasher’s fault. It was my dishwasher that stole the five minutes that I devote to this blog nightly. What? You don’t believe me? OK. I’m not being totally honest.

When I started this blog, I posted in the mornings, and that worked. Kind of. It worked until my kids started waking up earlier and then the five minutes it should take to write posts on this blog went poof, bye  bye.

So then I started writing at night. And this works, so long as I don’t wait until the last minute to open my computer to write.

When I do wait, I get tired and my dishwasher calls and I forget. I forgot last night. I forgot so tonight I’m writing a poor excuse post.

It was really my dishwasher’s fault. Really.

Speaking of dishwashers, I never knew the wonders of dishwashers until this year. I had always washed dishes by hand. You see, I’m old fashioned. I prided myself then in being able to, at least, wash my own dishes. Every home I’ve lived in has had a dishwasher, but until this year, I never used any of those dishwashers.

But since becoming a mom of two, the dish washer has become my favorite household appliances. It saves me time and stress and makes me forget about posting on this dear blog of mine. Kind of.


Am I the only one out there who’s only recently discovered the wonders of the Dish washer? (Cricket Cricket) Come on. Seriously?

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