html coding makes my head hurt so I’ll read instead

I’m not a technical person. I think Math got “hard” for me in seventh grade. Yeah. That’s when I got my first C on a progress report. “You can come in for study sessions,” said my Algebra teacher when I went to him crying about what I assumed was a mistake made in the printing of my report.

He said it wasn’t mistake and proceeded to show me how I got the grade I got. It was then, I think, that I shunned Math and numbers as my enemy. I shunned Math and slumped/slouched/curled deeper into the things that came easy for me, or words and sentences and serial commas.

In college, I majored in English. I was the only one of my friends to make such a “risky” move. Everyone else I knew had majors that bespoke of the kinds of money they’d get upon graduating from college, or Engineering or Math or Finance. Me, me, I took the eccentric route and did English because I wanted to write. But for anyone who’s been an English major knows, English majors do not just write, mainly they read… a lot.

But this all is not the point of this post. This post is the one where I complain about having to be a html coder for my other blog. I like designing things and doing fun stuff like creating pretty pictures, but it’s the other more technical side of things that frustrates me. So, I write this annoyed, annoyed that I can’t figure out the right code/plugin/scripts to get something to work on my blog. Waaah! That was a baby waah. Or is it wahhhh. No, I think it’s Waaaaaaah.

*sigh. That’s all.


Are you really good at some topics and not so great at others? Did your major in college follow your natural talents or something else?

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2 Responses to html coding makes my head hurt so I’ll read instead

  1. Adriel Booker says:

    oh yes, the code makes me dizzy. i’m not even going to get into how i spent most of my night last night. let’s just say blogger to WP, fixing links, messy code, some cursing under my breath, blah blah blah. i would totally hire an assistant to take care of stuff like that if i could! don’t even get me started about taxes and number-crunching. 😉

  2. Jessica says:

    lol. That’s so funny! But, I can certainly relate! If you ever do find an assistant who is willing to work for free, please send them my way! At midnight last night, I almost went with a professional designer just so I wouldn’t have to deal with any of this, but, my bank account is the one standing in my way. 😦 Oh, well. Yeah. With taxes, we have someone who helps us. A family friend who charges a small free. I don’t know how we’d do it otherwise!

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