picture taking

I never fancied myself a photographer. I have owned a camera for as long as I remembered, but before children, it held a peripheral role in my life, coming out on birthdays or vacations to quickly take a shot to remember staged moments in time.

But with children, my photography habits changed. I started taking more pictures and began to actually care about the quality of the pictures I was taking.

And through two children, I have a lot of pictures. I have pictures of milestones, milestones like first ponytails, first birthdays and first steps. I have ordinary and extraordinary things captured thanks to the fact that I keep a camera nearby always and am always ready to shoot.

I’m proud of my thousands of pictures I’ve taken of my family these past years. I’m proud that I can say that I have such a substantial visual record of our lives at this moment in time.

It’s nice to be able to look back through pictures and remember a moment that I’d since forgotten about. It’s nice to see my girls grow up on film. And it’s nice to remember that I’m growing up, too.

Yes, picture taking is lovely. Picture taking in the digital age has made it easier for me to take hundreds of pictures every week and do something with them…eventually.

Yeah. It’s the eventual thing that kills me. My computer is now overloaded with pictures so I made it my job tonight to begin deleting some old pictures. But deleting old pictures is hard for me. So, for now they sit.


What are some great memories that you’ve captured of your kids on film? How do you organize your pictures to ensure that your computer doesn’t become overrun with files?

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